Pokemon Legends Arceus – A perfect weight for Pot Preparations

On your adventures in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you will have the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of characters who will need your help by going back and forth within the HQ of the Galaxie Group. At the start of the game, after your first trial, you will have access to the quest ” A perfect weight for pot preparations “, which will give you access to some items as rewards.

Give a Racaillou to Narimade

  • Personage : Narimade
  • Quest location : Galaxy Group Headquarters
  • Reward : Kibrille Bait x3 + Candy Exp. S

Like all other early game quests, this mission is relatively simple to complete. Go see Narimade at the Galaxie Group headquarters and she will ask you to bring her a Racaillou.

Suffice to say that you will find them in abundance in the Plains, especially on the side of the Cer-Mont Trail. Bring back the Racaillou you want to give to Narimade by going to his house at the location indicated by the map below. Give the Pokémon to end this short mission.