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Lost Ark How to check server status

Lost Ark, like many other online games, will see its servers undergo maintenance. We tell you where and how to know if maintenance is in progress.

The players of Lost Ark as in other massively multiplayer online games will sometimes have some problems connecting and enjoying the title.

Some of these issues may be due to maintenance current servers which are therefore offline and to find out if this is the case, there is a Twitter page, but also a site dedicated to the state of the Lost Ark servers.

Where can I check if maintenance of the Lost Ark servers is in progress?

When attempting to log in to Lost Ark, you may experience some issues. In general, you will get an error message directly when launching the game including one that informs you that maintenance is in progress. If no message has been published, you can also go to the official Lost Ark Twitter account (source). This account will always inform you in the event that maintenance is in progress, but also of the maintenances that are scheduled.

In addition to messages in-game or on Twitter, it is also possible to check if maintenance is in progress by going directly to the site dedicated to the status of the Lost Ark servers (source). By going to this site, you will be able to see the status of all the game’s servers and when maintenance is in progress, a wrench icon in yellow will be displayed to the left of the server name. Finally, in the event that no information is given on the pages that we have recommended to you, you can submit a ticket on Lost Ark Support (source) in order to receive help.