god of war steam update 1.0.8

God of War Update 1.0.8 fixes an issue with Xbox controllers

Despite good optimization, players have encountered some issues from time to time. The good news is that the developers have acknowledged these issues and are releasing patches to fix them from time to time.

The latest update fixes one of the game’s most annoying features – glyphs not displaying correctly when binding Xbox game controllers. Also fixed a bug with the item shop. In addition, several other issues with input detection and saving have been resolved, and a new error message has been added so that players can save correctly.

Below are the full notes for update 1.0.8:

  • The correct glyphs for joystick key bindings will now display when using Xbox controllers
  • Item vendors should now correctly allow exits for players who were previously unable to exit
  • Implemented a possible fix for loading crashes related to input device detection.
  • If the first attempt to save the game fails, the system will automatically try to save again.
  • If a manual save of the game fails, an error message will be displayed.