How to observe Full Moon in Pokémon Arceus

Walking around on a full moon night is very useful in the Pokémon Arceus game to validate missions or even evolve Pokémon. How do I find the full moon in the game?

Pokémon Legends Arceus has arrived on Nintendo Switch and there are several new features in this new installment. Indeed, time is flowing in the game in such a way that you can explore the lands of Hisui at dawn, during the day, at dusk or even at night.

On some nights you may be in the presence of the Full moon. This period is useful for you to successfully evolve Ursaring or complete the mission “The Clefairies in the Moonlight”. Here’s how to find the Full Moon in Pokémon Arceus.

The Full Moon in Pokémon Legends Arceus

The night

the day/night cycle in Pokémon Arceus varies over your playing time. Unlike some of the previous games, the cycle is separate from the actual time. No need to wait for a specific time on your console clock for night to fall on Pokémon Arceus.

To get the night, you must:

  • Either wait for the cycle to unfold naturally
  • Either change the time by going to a Bivouac

Go ask the Team Galaxie Member for you to rest. Then choose “Until Nightfall”. It is now dark in the game!

Full moon

The Full Moon is present on certain nights in the game. When night falls, you must wait a few minutes before the Moon don’t get up. Then observe if the Moon is full by raising your gaze to the sky.


If the Full Moon is not present, you return to Team Galaxie Memberrest again until morning and then until evening and try your luck again.