Cyberpunk 2077 AI Behaviour after Patch 1.5

How Crowd AI in Cyberpunk 2077 behaves after Patch 1.5 – Testing different situations

Pedestrians still don’t care if V walks around naked, but they have learned to shoot and fight.

The inhabitants of Night City began to behave more naturally: the crowd moves more densely and reacts to your behavior more logically. So if you are looking for adventures on your head, you will definitely find them!

If you get in the way of a city dweller, then at first they will crash into you, and then they will try to get around.

It is impossible to stop a walking NPC. Even if you run into him. A disturbed pedestrian will only throw up his hands in displeasure and go on.

When faced with an obstacle, any NPC will make two attempts to overcome it. If it doesn’t work out both times, it will turn around and leave.

It seems that the developers did not just adjust the settings of the crowd, but threw out the old intangible inhabitants and populated the city with new, tangible ones.

But some citizens are still transparent. You can’t interact with them at all. Maybe this man is the last of his kind.

Citizens bypass transport smarter. They change the trajectory of movement in advance, and not after they crash and realize that they cannot go in a straight line.

Although large cars can be an insurmountable obstacle.

Let there be a wide passage to the stairs to the right of the car, passers-by will make only two attempts to go in a straight line, give up and go in the opposite direction.

If the hero pushes NPCs too hard, then one of three reactions will work for them.

In the first case, the victim will speed up the step. He will not run, he will just walk away from you very unhappily.

The second variant of behavior is not to react to the player at all.

Such citizens will not notice, even if you start jumping on their heads. Most likely, the point is that some action is assigned to them. For example, they smoke, talk on the phone or play the guitar. The collision only works with idle NPCs.

And the third type of behavior is aggressive. Some in Night City can be so annoying that they decide to stuff your face with their bare hands.

There is a funny bug associated with this. Although it may not be a bug, it still looks ridiculous.

If a crowd surrounds a nervously walking city dweller, then it adopts his behavior. You will run into just one person, and everyone nearby will rush somewhere.

The crowd will also switch to race walking if they are hit by a car in front of the player. Everyone will suddenly have things to do anywhere but near the victim of an accident.

A hand-to-hand citizen can withstand a couple of blows.

Let’s summarize. Peaceful NPCs have three patterns of behavior if you bother them unarmedly:

  • speed up the pace and leave;
  • get into a fight;
  • hammer a bolt on the player. This, of course, is not a pattern, but let’s turn on the fantasy and pretend that the bug is a feature.

And three patterns, if you threaten a citizen with a weapon:

  • he will run away, flashing his heels;
  • numb (sometimes numb still beg for mercy);
  • pulls out a gun and starts a gunfight.

It remains only to clarify that the townspeople never go out onto the road. Shoot them with a machine gun, blow up grenades nearby – anyway, they will only run along the sidewalk. Two exceptions:

  • when an NPC started a fight with you. Brawler or “brave” will follow the player anywhere;
  • when an NPC dodges a moving car. If you are not lucky, because of this, the city dweller will jump out onto the roadway.

We deliberately did not compare the artificial intelligence of the townspeople and cars “before” with what appeared after patch 1.5. Because it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter how bad it was back then. What matters is how everything feels and looks now. And, if a verdict is passed, then only a short “norm” comes to mind.

Cyberpunk 2077 still looks flawless. Night City is the most beautiful and detailed city in video games. But if you throw out all the inhabitants with all the cars right now, then you will not notice the difference. Because people here didn’t add life to the streets, they still don’t.

They have become smarter, more interesting, but still look sparse against the backdrop of such a well-developed location.