Could STALKER 2 be pushed back to 2023?

GSC Game World no longer plan to postpone STALKER 2

It’s hard to say that the postponement of STALKER 2 from spring to autumn 2022 came as a surprise. In the gaming community, it was received normally, as if everyone had been waiting for this since the announcement. However, the developers at GSC Game World have no plans for further postponement.

In the official STALKER 2 Discord channel, one of the fans asked if we should wait for the next postponement of the game. The question was answered by GSC Community Manager aka Stravenger.

We have an official release date. Changes are not planned here.

- Stravenger, GSC Game World Community Manager.

Whether the community manager will remain in his position after such a loud statement is not yet clear.

However, the studio denied the transfer to the end of 2022 until the very announcement of this transfer, so let’s just wait and see what happens next with the game. Now it’s hard to say when the next major game show, interview with details, or a new batch of art/screenshots is planned.

Could STALKER 2 be pushed back to 2023?

But what if we ignore the rumors that everything is bad or everything is good in the GSC studio, and just look at the past experience of the team?

Now, some will say that this is a completely different team, because the Shadows of Chernobyl were made by some, the Call of Pripyat by others, the second part, canceled in 2011, by the third, and the current line-up was completely assembled from scratch. So it is so, but after all, the studio is called GSC for a reason, but in honor of the founder and leader Grigorovich Sergey Konstantinovich, but he still remained in his place. And, apparently, almost all the strategic decisions that he made were made correctly and that is why he is a successful businessman in the first place.

One of the screenshots of the early version of the canceled in 2011 STALKER2.

Judging by the developments of the canceled STALKER 2, Sergey Konstantinovich realized that the project was depressed and with that team, a mediocre product would come out that attracted a lot of money for development, collected negative ratings, and would have not lived up to the status of the original trilogy, which means less money, in the long run.

It is clear that Grigorovich could have been forced to take on the second part of the game for the second time by financial circumstances, but it is hardly possible to create a game from scratch with the last money, so an investor was found, a team was assembled and off the team went.

Grigorovich Sergey Konstantinovich. The Clear Sky version.
Grigorovich Sergey Konstantinovich. The Clear Sky version.

Another sign of a really good quality of a game being created is its release on Game Pass, since Microsoft is unlikely to have given such support simply for past merits, and large investors have probably seen much more full-fledged gameplay than what was shown to a wide audience.

Why did I write all this? Moreover, judging by indirect signs, everything is fine with the project, a fairly large part of it is ready, and it will most likely be released in the foreseeable future, even if it is postponed to 2023.

In short, it can be postponed, but hardly for a long time, because in addition to personal responsibility for the brand of the game, which Sergey Grigorovich bears and wants to earn, apparently without ruining the franchise, there is also a contract with Microsoft and obligations to investors.

The release of STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl is scheduled for December 8, 2022.