Cyberpunk 2077 not working properly since patch 1.5

Cyberpunk 2077: How to fix some common issues after Patch 1.5 [Guide]

Patch 1.5 caused some cheers, but not everyone can enjoy the new features. We have selected possible solutions for the most common problems.

Since its much-discussed release in December 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 has been gradually improved by the developer CD Projekt Red. But patch 1.5 brings by far the biggest revision of the futuristic role-playing game in one fell swoop.

As to be expected with so many changes, some players have also encountered new problems since the patch. So that you can continue cruising smoothly through Night City, we provide you with the most promising solutions.

Common Problems with the patch

Since the update, some PC players have complained about crashes immediately after starting the game, i.e. either before reaching the main menu or when loading the game world.

Most of the time, outdated mods are apparently to blame for the misery. In rare cases, however, the service of certain onboard sound solutions can also be responsible. Various players report in the game’s subreddit that the following steps helped them. It’s best to try them out:

  • If you use a mod manager, simply disable all mods in its user interface
  • If you installed it manually and have since forgotten which folders in the game’s directory are affected, a complete reinstallation of the game is recommended
  • It is best to open the main directory of the game beforehand, then uninstall it as usual and then remove any mod remnants that are left in the folder before you download Cyberpunk again
  • If you want to be extra thorough, type %localappdata% at the top of the path to any folder, which will take you straight to the local application data on the C:\ drive. There you delete the directories CD Projekt Red and REDEngine. If you are concerned about an existing Witcher installation, only delete content from these folders that are clearly labeled Cyberpunk
  • The Red Modding team, which is behind hobbyist tools such as CET, WolvenKit, RedScript, Red4Ext, etc., recommends in a separate announcement to uninstall all modding tools since these also have to be adapted to the changed code from 1.5

If you have already uninstalled all mods thoroughly or have never had any, then the following tips could help you:

  • Disabling overlays like those from Discord or MSI Afterburner can also help. Buyers on also report that launching the .exe file directly led to success after failing via the Galaxy launcher
  • Some users report that adding the game to their antivirus exceptions list helped
  • You should also trust the game in all public and private firewall settings
  • If your Windows 10 version is older than 1909, the developers recommend an update. You can check your version by pressing Windows key+R at the same time and running the “winver” command. The specification in front of the bracket is decisive here (e.g. 1809 or 21H2)
  • Update your graphics card driver and, if necessary, make sure that you first remove all remnants of the old driver using the Display Driver Uninstaller. The driver downloads for Nvidia cards can be found here and for AMD cards here
  • Quits programs that are unnecessary for gaming, such as performance gauges or malware protection
  • Use the factory settings of your GPU and CPU. Any kind of overclocking or underclocking can cause flatline crashes on Cyberpunk.

If none of that helps, one of your onboard sound services could be the source of the problem. Many mainboards, such as those from ASUS or Alienware, rely on a service called Nahimic Services. Switching this off provided a remedy for numerous players.

This is how you do it:

  • Open your Task Manager and switch to the »Services« tab
  • Sort the list by name and see if you see an entry called “Nahimic Services”.
  • If so, right-click on it and select “Open Services”
  • In the newly opened window, look for the entry “Nahimic Services” again and right-click to open its properties
  • Changes the startup type from Automatic to Disabled. Then click on Exit and see if Cyberpunk starts now. It may also be necessary to restart your PC before the change takes effect

It can happen that certain functions of your sound software (e.g. the equalizer) no longer work as usual. So remember to enable the service again after playing or testing whether the start type Manual is an acceptable compromise for you. Ideally, the service will only start as soon as you open your software.

Similar problems have also become known with the sound drivers of “A-Volute” and “Sonic Studio”. As a Linux player on Reddit claims to have found out, the reason for the crashes could be that these drivers are simply too slow for the audio initialization performed by Cyberpunk when the game starts. This gives those affected hope that CD Projekt can remedy this with a compensating code change.

How to check your game files for errors

Various problems such as crashes, immortal opponents, or incorrect graphic elements can result from corrupted game files. A quick and easy way to rule out this source of error is to check the game files and load a saved game that was created before the problem occurred. This process can take a few minutes.

To start the review on the different platforms:

  • Steam: Right-click Cyberpunk 2077 in your library games list and select Properties. Navigate to the Local Files tab and select Verify integrity of game files. Steam will now compare your installation with the latest version available to you
  • Epic Games: Find the game in your library and then click on the three dots. Select Verify from the drop-down list
  • The DRM-free version of Cyberpunk can also be installed without a launcher, but you should launch GOG Galaxy to check. Select Cyberpunk 2077 in the Owned Games tab and click the icon that looks like two sliders to the right of the Play button. Under Manage Installation you will find the option Check / Repair.

Cyberpunk 2077: How to fix dropping FPS after Patch 1.5

Since the raytraced shadows have been completely reworked and now include all light sources instead of just the sun and moon, the graphics card memory requirement for this feature has also increased.

So it can happen that your old graphics settings now blow your VRAM budget and every time it is completely filled, you will notice drops in the frames. Try the following:

  • Make sure you’ve removed any graphics mods that use up extra VRAM (e.g. “Surfaces” from Nexusmods)
  • Try a different Nvidia DLSS or AMD FSR quality level
  • Decreases the quality of RT shadows

If your FPS is still unusually bad, turning off all overlays, including the Steam FPS counter, will also help here.

Cyberpunk 2077: Fix mouse not staying in the games window

When does the problem occur? If you move your mouse too far to the left or right, does it go out of the game window and thus prevent proper control of your character? This can also be due to old mod leftovers.

The solution: Did you install the popular Cyber ​​Engine Tweaks in the past? Try to delete all remnants of this mod or install your game fresh in an empty folder.

Cyberpunk 2077: Fix V is hard to see in menus

When does the problem occur? Some players with AMD graphics cards complain about an insufficiently lit character in character creation and inventory.

The solution: This appears to be an AMD driver issue. According to CD Projekt, AMD is currently investigating the underlying cause. As a temporary solution, you can downgrade this to version 21.10.2.